ObamaCare Medical Codes Confirm: Execution by Beheading To …

I am posting all the latest news on the Brilliant Restore American Plan as it happens – Real Time.

I am also presently inputting all the news including financial and political concerning release of the prosperity packages. As I understand it (and I could be corrected) —
There are three and possibly four distribution releases. The present 336,000+/- package releases from numerous programs. THIS IS HOT NOW – ANY MOMENT! This is to jump start the New Treaury Banks with the new Gold Backed Currency.
It is NOT the AMERO! The Amero is currency of choice for the Bush/Clinton/obama cabal or NWO.

These are broken into the following:
Freedom Packets – 1st to go and followed by
Humanitarian Packets – the main bulk
Settlement Packets – from WWII

The unknown one is the ‘self-claimed’ Germain program releases which will cover EVERYONE. These come after the NESARA Program is announced. It has been confirmed that the Germaine Trust is real and in place.

I will also be posting the latest updates per arrests, banking change outs, government changes, GF messages and Nesara topics.


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